Monday, April 25, 2011

T-3 Days = Easter/Goodbye Molly

Today is Easter...Happy Easter everyone! Actually it's technically the day after Easter since I'm up past midnight again. That's kind of what happens when you don't have to work the next day. You could say I'm getting ready to adjust to the Aussie time zone.

We spent Easter at Aubree's parents' house. Her extended family came in to say the goodbyes. The food and company were great, and we dominated in ladder golf.

Then came the time to leave our beloved dog Molly. Molly is staying with Aubree's brother/sister-in-law/dog-in-law (Mascot), who will take great care of her. But leaving Molly behind was one (of several) very difficult parts of going to Australia. Molly has been there for us every day since our wedding, and we love her so much. Aubree says Molly is that one special dog you find once in a lifetime and compare all your other pets against. I agree. Life will be quite different without Molly. Plus, I wouln't be half as funny, since most of my jokes come at Molly's expense.

We took Molly for a walk around the park in Aubree's brother's neighborhood and stopped to play by the lake. We played the usual games (hide and seek, fetch) and ran through her arsenal of tricks; then I took Molly inside to her new family and managed to quickly muster a 'Thank You' and 'Bye' before heading out the door. I'm sure Molly will be much happier where she is than if she was living in an Australian quarantine and our little Australian apartment, and we look forward to joining her in a couple years.

Speaking of our apartment, we got a place right on the beach in St. Kilda. It is a fully furnished studio where we'll stay for 1-3 months before finding long-term housing. The apartment is right on the St. Kilda beach strip, and if our room is facing the right direction, we'll be able to watch the kite surfers on the beach.

We (Aubree) also signed up online for 15 or so clubs in the Melbourne area, so we hope to meet some nice folks there for surfing, biking, and having fun.


  1. Ive been trolling the length of your blog for two days now and have finally finished!

    My husband and I spent 10 years in Castle Rock CO and just moved to my 'home' country, Australia (he and our son are American) late last year. He's finding things a little like you are - strange and new, and we have some laughs, though I think being married to an aussie for a decade has helped somewhat!

    We miss Colorado - nothing like it in the world! We are living on the North Coast of NSW, about 5 hours north of Sydney in a beach-side town that is beautiful and he loves it.

    Just wanted to touch base and say hi, and how I thoroughly enjoyed your blog. I blog over at, but not all about expat life, more about life in general.

    Take care, and I will be following your progress, if you ever get up this way, we'd love to meet some fellow Denver-ites!
    Karyn x

  2. Thanks Karyn! We had a house in Highlands Ranch, CO, so we were practically neighbors...I mean neighbours! I'll check out your blog-thanks for stopping by.