Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Jucy Love Story

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Aubree and a boy named Zack. They spent many months planning their holiday trip around the South Island of New Zealand, and they booked a Jucy campervan to take them around the country. When they met Jucy in Christchurch, it was love at first sight. Zack loved the quote about music on the side of the van, and Aubree loved how clean it was and all of its features. They set off with Jucy to explore the land.

Jucy went with them everywhere. She pulled up right next to the beach so Aubree and Zack could have an amazing view as they slept in Kaikoura.
She took them to wineries in the Marlborough region and stopped along many beautiful viewpoints near the Marlborough Sounds.

She held their wine and cheese and crackers on Christmas Eve as they snacked and watched the sun go down in Abel Tasman National Park.

Jucy looked so beautiful when she reflected the colors of the sunset in her windows.
Jucy drove them along the West Coast and then on to Wanaka and Queenstown. Though she got left behind when Aubree and Zack did exciting things like bungy jumping and skydiving, Jucy didn't complain. She just waited patiently for them to return.
Jucy especially loved the lupines that were seen in many places along their drive, and Jucy stopped to smell the flowers whenever she could.

Jucy was no ordinary campervan. She came equipped with a fridge, gas cooker, sink, and water tank, so Aubree and Zack could cook on the go during the day.

At night, her seats folded down into a super comfy bed, and Aubree and Zack could watch a movie on the DVD player as they went to sleep. They didn't have to wake up early in the morning, because all of Jucy's windows had darkened shades that snapped down and kept the light out.

Jucy loved taking Aubree and Zack to Milford Sound; driving through the Homer Tunnel was her favorite part. She wasn't a fan of all the rain, but she got them there and back safely.

Jucy never got tired of stopping along the road to let Aubree get out and take pictures of the beautiful views, even if Zack got a bit sick of it!

Jucy looked especially lovely with Mount Cook in the background on Aubree and Zack's last night in New Zealand.

Jucy didn't mind that her front windshield was covered in holiday park stickers by the end of the trip.
After nearly 2800 kilometers together, Aubree and Zack didn't want to leave Jucy. They were so sad to have to say goodbye to her in Christchurch, but they knew she had to be given back in order to make other people happy. They still miss their Jucy, and they will forever remember the wonderful times they had together in New Zealand.

P.S. I am in no way getting paid for endorsing Jucy campervans, though if they'd like to send me some something, I would not complain. We just really loved our Jucy and feel like there was no better way to see the South Island of New Zealand!

P.P.S. Update: I shared this blog post with Jucy on Facebook, and they're going to share it online and send us free T-shirts. Jucy rocks!


  1. Loved reading your trip recaps! We saw these vans all over the place when we visited Australia (not sure if it was the same company...) and it's such a neat idea!

    1. Yeah, there are Jucy vans in Australia too. Glad you've enjoyed reading-thanks!

  2. Did you and Jucy have a love triangle with a fence post? I know how you have an unhealthy attraction to them while driving.

    1. No, thank you very much. We had full insurance coverage anyway!