Sunday, March 10, 2013

My Byron Bay Birthday

My 34th birthday started the week before January 27, when Zack brought home these beautiful yellow roses for me. Unfortunately, they only lasted a few days, but they were gorgeous while they lived!

In Byron Bay, I awoke on my birthday morning to find my mom had made "Aubree's Dessert," a treat we used to make as kids. I'm not exactly sure why it was named after me, but I remember making it over at Aunt Kathy and Uncle Greg's house one time and it didn't have a name, so I think we started calling it that. Anyway, it made for a good first breakfast, but then we had scrambled eggs and toast outside under the veranda.

I also got a morning "Happy Birthday" serenade from my mom and Aunt Kathy. This video absolutely cracks me up every time I watch it, and this was the second version, because I didn't have my camera ready the first time they did it (they are completely sober by the way-this is just how crazy they are!).

It was a rainy day (of course), but we managed to get out and walk around town. Zack scheduled a surprise massage for me, so I got to relax for an hour. For dinner, we all went out to a nice Italian dinner near the water. It was a wet, windy adventure to get there, but the food was good (and the martinis were delicious!).

When we finally managed to escape wet and windy Byron Bay a few days later, I arrived home in Melbourne to more beautiful flowers courtesy of Adam and Emily. I may not have gotten the beach birthday I was hoping for, but I'd say it was a pretty decent day anyway!


  1. That video was awesome and I LOOOOOVE Aubree's Dessert! I miss your laugh:)

  2. Was the first performance of their dance better than second? Without a baseline, I feel as though they nailed the choreography in the version you recorded. A performance worthy of the Sydney Opera House. I want to buy tickets to every show. Bravo. Bravo. Maybe I will get a song and dance as well for my birthday in a few weeks. Fingers crossed...

  3. I don't remember ever doing that song and dance for Aubree. Do you, Sue?
    We must have overdosed on rain that day.

    1. It looks like we have moves like Jagger!!!

    2. This is my favorite video of all time. Whenever I need a good laugh, I watch it. I think it was even better than the first version.