Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mail From Molly

It's always exciting to get mail that isn't bills or junk, especially when you live abroad and don't get mail from "real" people very often at all. So imagine my delight when we got a card "from" our dog Molly the other day! To catch up any newer readers, our chocolate lab Molly is staying with my brother Justin, my sister-in-law Cindy, and their yellow lab Mascot while we're living in Australia. Here's the front of the card:

No, that is not really a picture of Mascot and Molly on the couch together. But this is:

Ha! These dog cousins love each other-can you tell? Below is the inside of the card. Aunt Cindy may have helped Molly write this just a bit!

We miss Molly like crazy, but at least we know she's having fun in Michigan. And she really does like Mascot. A few months ago, when Mascot swallowed a rock (don't ask!) and had to have surgery, Molly threw up while Mascot was away. Molly only barfs if she's upset about something! The picture below shows the dog friends helping out in the kitchen... 

Molly Brown has her own Facebook page (you can become her friend!), and Justin and Cindy are great about posting pictures and videos and letting us see her on Skype. We miss you Molly-thanks for the card!

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  1. Awesome card! And great post. Uncle Justin and Aunt Cindy are the best!