Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Words With Friends

I love the app called Words With Friends. It's basically Scrabble, but you can play with anyone in the world. You just take your turn when you have time, so the games take at least a few days, especially when you're playing against someone who's awake while you're asleep (everyone in the US!). Anyway, I'm addicted. I usually have at least five games going at once, and if I'm on my phone, that's probably what I'm playing. Some people put up a good fight (namely my dad). And some people cheat (there are websites to do this-so unfair!). Apparently most of my cousins refuse to play me because I'm "too good"?! I'm pretty decent, but I definitely don't always win. A lot of it depends on what letters you're given. Anyway, below are screen shots of two moves in recent games. I'm rather proud of these; anything over 100 is pretty rare (at least from my experience). If you want to play against me, my username is AubreeK...if you dare! :)

Highest one word score of my career.
How ya like that Daddy-o?


  1. one time i scored 93 points for a single word. against dad. it was totally an accident. and i don't even get how websites can help you cheat...hmmmm. maybe i'll start cheating to beat you, hahahaha.

  2. Cindy played the word "whirrs" for 74 points. I had to look it up. It is the plural form of 'whir' such as the noise a projector might make. I think she cheated to come up with that one. I did try out the cheating website before, but all of the high point options are things I would never think of, and I know people would call me out.

  3. sometimes i try random letters. i will admit to that.

    1. Oh me too. I think everyone does that! How do you think I came up with "jato"?! And I guess on the cheating websites you can plug in what letters you have and what's been played, and it tells you your best move options. I'm not sure-never tried it.

  4. I think our record is 3 and 2, with you leading. The first game I was not in it to win it. I had never played keeping score, rather it was all about big words and using all the letters. Without some major favorable letters in our current game, you will be leading the series 4 to 2. I enjoy the mental competition and hope to hold my own against you.