Friday, July 13, 2012

Off to Paradise

Zack and I leave tomorrow for two weeks in Thailand and Bali. I'm beyond excited. Warm weather and sunshine here we come! We'll be spending a night in Bangkok on our way to Chiang Mai, which is a city in Northern Thailand where we'll ride elephants and check out temples and such. Then we fly back through Bangkok (spending a day there to check out the famous sites) on our way to Phuket, which is in the Southern part of the country. Here we'll enjoy the beaches, snorkel around the islands of Koh Phi Phi, and rock climb at Railay Beach in Krabi. Then we're off to Bali for a few days for more beach time, culture, and relaxation. Wahoo!

I've set up a few entries to post while we're gone, but there won't be much unless I can connect to some wifi and post some random pictures from my phone. So I'll be back with tons of pictures and stories at the end of July! Bye for now!

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  1. Enjoy your holidays! I love Thailand and Bali! :) We're off to Australia for 2 weeks for our holidays next week!