Sunday, July 1, 2012

Rappelling and Rugby

I had a coupon for some rappelling, and we did our jumps the other weekend. We each got three jumps off the side of a building in the Southbank area of the city. It was a little scary at the top when you were going over the edge, but otherwise, it was good fun. The hardest part was fighting the natural instinct to grip the rope, which would slow you down. It was a lot more exciting if you just let go. I wouldn’t pay full price for this adventure, but with the coupon, it was a good deal and a fun way to spend a Saturday morning.

That night, after Zack’s coworker’s housewarming party, we met up with Adam/Emily, Nigel/Kristy, and Todd/Alena for the rugby match between Australia and Wales. Australia won in the end, and it was fun to catch up with the girls during the game (I’m not sure how much of it we actually watched!) and chat some more over drinks at an Irish bar afterward. It was a busy but fun Saturday from morning until evening!

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