Monday, October 22, 2012


Let me introduce you to Flossie and Ralphie...

We watched these two little doggies over the weekend while Kristy and Nigel (their owners) were in Tasmania. While I wouldn't normally consider myself a "little dog person," we did have fun with these two.
They (and we) got lots of cuddles on the couch...

We took them to the market, we took them to brunch, I took them on a walk around Albert Park, etc. They got lots of playtime, lots of treats, and lots of attention!

It was nice to have animals in our house again, and Flossie and Ralphie were very sweet doggies. Kristy and Nigel, we'll watch them again any time!


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    1. To me or the other dogs? Tell her not to be too jealous-we still think she's the best.