Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Springtime Saturday with Surfing

I think Zack is imitating a wave here.
On Saturday morning, we went surfing with our friends Klem and Vesna. Zack met Klem when he started working in Australia, and he and his partner Vesna are probably the most active, outdoorsy couple we know! So we tried to keep up with them in the cold water in Torquay. I caught a few small waves, but man, this surfing thing is hard to learn!

After getting back to town, we walked down to South Melbourne Market with them (and the doggies) to eat paella for a late lunch. Yum!

We crashed on the couch and watched a movie before going to bed early, because surfing wore us out. And that was how we spent our springtime Saturday!

Pure Australian...RipCurl sweatsuit and Ugg boots!

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