Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sayonara to Surfing in Australia

Before we left Australia, we went surfing one last time with our friends Klem and Vesna. We went to Torquay Beach, which was where we first learned to surf. The rain held off until we had our fill, and we had some decent beginner-sized waves that were good for us to practice on.
Learning to surf was one of my favorite parts of living in Australia. I never got very good at it, but I just had fun being in the water and riding the little waves.
After our final surf, we enjoyed Vesna's famous chocolate cake (with strawberries and whipped cream!) in the "comfort" of our almost-moved-out-of house in South Melbourne. Nothing like sitting on an air mattress and camp chairs!


  1. Did you sell your surfboards?

    1. Nope-we shipped them over. They're going to stay in Morgan's garage, so we can go surfing whenever we visit California!

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