Sunday, June 30, 2013

The End

Molly enjoys swimming in the ocean!

So this is my last post on this blog. The Keys are no longer Down Under, so it's time to bring things to a close. Here's the latest on our lives:

1. We're currently living in a hotel room in Oakland, California. It's not ideal with our dog Molly, but we get free breakfast and dinner, and we're not too far from a BART station, so we can get to San Francisco pretty easily. We're trying to make the most of our time in California, going to baseball games (A's vs. Cards today), going on hikes around the Bay Area with Molly, eating at cool restaurants, etc.

2. We bought a house in Denver, Colorado. I actually flew into and out of Denver on Friday for the closing! It wasn't our original plan upon moving back to the US, but once we saw how much renting in the San Francisco area would cost, how low the interest rates were for mortgages, how much we loved Denver when we drove through there on our way out here, and how ready we were to have a house again and have our belongings all in one place, we decided to take a look around when we were in the area. We found a house we loved in the West Wash Park area, put in an offer, and now we move in at the end of July!

3. Zack got put on a project working in Berkeley, California that lasts until at least October of 2014. This means that he'll be flying out of Denver for work on Monday morning and coming back on Thursday night. The first few years of our marriage were spent this way (with him traveling), and it sort of works for us. Plus, Zack loves California, so he'll get the best of both worlds with Cali during the week and Denver on the weekends!

Our hotel room before I unpacked the boxes.
4. We got our shipment of stuff from Australia delivered to our hotel room earlier this week. We didn't have a ton of stuff (mostly clothes), so it actually all fits in our room (including the surfboards!). It's a bit crowded, but we'll survive for a month.

5. We celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary on July 5. We're going to spend the July 4th/anniversary weekend camping at Lake Tahoe. I'm looking forward to an awesome time!

6. I'm working on organizing and posting the thousands of pictures we took on our trip throughout Asia. Some are up already, but eventually they will all be here.

We'll always look back on our time in Australia with fond memories. Deciding to move there for two years was one of the best decisions of our lives. Thanks for reading our blog and following along with our adventures. If you are ever thinking about the expat life or even just visiting any of the places we've been, feel free to contact me with questions or for suggestions.

On to our next adventure...
Our home sweet home in Denver!


  1. I'll miss following along! Good luck making your new house a home!

    1. Thanks for following along all this time!

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  2. We wish you all the best, Aubree and Zack, as you adjust to everyday life back in the U.S.A.
    You've done it all while living in Australia and we've experienced a little bit of that side of the world thru your blog and your photos.
    We're going to miss reading about your adventures but the good part is now being able to see you in person.
    Good luck in making a home in Denver and figuring out the rest of your life.

  3. Really enjoyed your blog and much success with your future! Congrats on the house! :)

  4. Congrats on the house! I am also to the point where I would love to live in a house again! Good luck with the next phase in Denver!

    1. Thanks-hope you are healing well from your surgery!

  5. I've enjoyed your blog very much.
    Good luck living in Denver!

  6. thanks for writing such a great blog about our country. I stumbled across it whilst looking for somewhere less well known to camp in the Grampians over Christmas day (away from the noisy crowds!), and stayed on your blog for ages. I'm glad you enjoyed here. i s'pose as an Aussie you take this big island for granted. Now i'd better return to my original mission...

    Have fun returning home!

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