Thursday, November 24, 2011

Kuranda by Train and Cableway

Barron Falls near Kuranda
Sorry for the lack of posting lately; Morgan and I have been in the Outback with no cell phone service and definitely no internet! Lots of catching up to do (with many stories). Anyway, this post actually should have come before the one about our flight over the reef. Oh well. My mom was nice enough to write some blog posts for me, so this one's in her words again...

Kuranda Scenic Railway
Wednesday, November 9 began early with a taxi ride to the Cairns Station to begin our Kuranda Scenic Railway train ride. We sat in comfortable restored passenger railcars, which rambled and wound their way through the city and forest to the tourist town of Kuranda.  Once there, we trekked a two-mile trail along the river and through the rainforest.  We had an adventurous lunch – crocodile, emu, and kangaroo burgers.  They actually were delicious!

Cindy shows off her kangaroo burger.
Aubree, Zack, Cindy, Justin, and Ray canvassed the souvenir shops. Justin, the expert on all things sweet, discovered and bought some taffy that even those of us who usually find taffy too sweet, found to be quite tasty.  Morgan and I went to the Kuranda Koala Gardens where Morgan officially and completely fulfilled her lifelong dream to hold a koala – it was an exciting moment to behold!

My mom crashes in on Morgan's koala picture.
Next we boarded the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway, which looked like a ski gondola and traveled over and across the rainforest canopy.  Our trip included two stops that allowed us to walk down to and explore the rainforest floor. 

Just a little walk through the rainforest.
The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent casually walking the beach, reading, taking naps, cooking the “never ending pasta” meal and playing Uno at the mansion.  This relaxing family time is priceless!  -Sue
The Coral Sea looked beautiful from the Skyrail Cableway!


  1. Seems like a great way to enjoy time with the family. Good that you still had a bit of an American Thanksgiving. Aubree, how do you manage to find such good deals? I will be visiting Australia (Melbourne) for the first time week after next.

    Damian Pope Vanterpool

  2. Damian, I'm subscribed to all sorts of deal websites...Scoopon, Cudo, Groupon,, Spreets, etc. Most of the deals don't interest me, but when a good one comes up, I jump on it!