Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Netball Newbie

This past weekend, a lot of our activities revolved around Zack's work. On Friday night, Accenture had their end of year party at the Crown Towers in the Palladium. It was quite a spectacle. The theme was "Arabian Nights," and there was food, a band, belly dancers, and decorations to match. Some people even dressed up, and while there, I got a sparkly henna tattoo on my arm. Fun stuff.

The crazy netball team doing the Accenture symbol!
The ref explains another rule.
On Saturday, I went and watched Zack play netball in the Corporate Games. Hundreds of companies from all around Victoria competed over the weekend in various sports, including footy, soccer, cricket, squash, etc. Zack joined a netball team with some coworkers. No, he had never played netball before the one practice he attended before the tournament. Neither of us had ever even heard of the game before moving to Australia. But I guess it's pretty popular here, especially among females (yes, a few friends have since made fun of Zack for playing netball). It's easiest to understand if you think of it like basketball combined with ultimate frisbee. There is no backboard, just the net on a ring attached to a pole, and you can't dribble the ball. So there is a lot of passing and other rules I didn't understand. Zack didn't quite know all the rules either, so the referees had to explain things to him sometimes.

Anyway, the Accenture team played three games, and I can say that they improved with each one. Note that I didn't say they won any of them! Oh well, at least there was a nice catered lunch provided in the Accenture tent after the games. Sunday involved Accenture too, but that was just Zack working for several hours from home in the afternoon and evening. And that was pretty much our weekend! 


  1. It looks like to me that Zack has no idea what the ref is pointing out. Hope he had fun. Winning isn't every thing

  2. Way to take it for the team, you two!

  3. Why in the one picture does everyone have the same nice green jersey, but during the game, Zack has a yellow shirt with no sleeves? Is that what rookies have to wear, or is it a position thing like playing goalie?

  4. Very observant, Justin. Zack celebrated Thanksgiving instead of going to one of the practices where they handed them out. The captain came later and brought his uniform.