Thursday, December 1, 2011

Blue Mountains Hike

Here's a short post from my mom. I think she copied some of it from Wikipedia!

Church at St. Mary's Cathedral
Sunday, November 13 began with Mass at St. Mary’s Cathedral.  We then boarded a train for our two hour ride to the Blue Mountains; it was a nice time to nap, read a book, or just rest while watching the countryside roll by.  Once we arrived in Katoomba, we fueled our bodies for the upcoming rigorous walk by eating large quantities of Chinese food.  The Blue Mountains are a series of beautiful and rugged valleys eroded down through an ancient plateau.  We began at Echo Point, famed for the three-pronged formation known as the Three Sisters.

"Three Sisters"-get it?
Yes, I am hunched over and squinty. I thought I needed to duck out of the way of the formation,
and I thought I didn't need my sunglasses at this point. Wrong on both accounts.
We then began a 900 step descent down the "Giant Steps" – a feat for the sure-footed!  We continued to trek for about two hours through hidden valleys, lush rainforest, beautiful gum trees, and spiraling waterfalls.  It was a tiring day but one in which our spirits were renewed and nurtured by nature.  -Sue

Justin at one of the waterfalls.
Heading down the "Giant Steps."

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  1. Ha! I did not get on the internet for the entire 2 1/2 weeks we were in Australia so all of this verbage is from my expansive vocabulary (and maybe a brochure from the area).