Saturday, December 3, 2011

Running on Empty

So the third and final Spring into Shape Series run was held just two days after my sister left town. Having family in Australia meant that for the previous three weeks, I had not run. At all. Well, unless you count running through the airport to catch a plane. But more about that in a later post. Anyway, the fact that I had done ZERO training, coupled with the fact that they changed the course route because of flooding on the original one down by the Yarra River (and we now had to do laps around the Tan at the Botanic Gardens which has an even bigger uphill climb than the original course's hill), meant that I wasn't trying to set any personal records on this run. So I had fun with the photographers again!

I think this karate kick one is my personal favorite. Awesome. So, here are my official (slow) results:

12.7km Races-Sept/Oct/Nov

#1: Time 1:10:10, 29/90 in age group
#2: Time 1:08:16, 20/114 in age group
#3: Time 1:11:39, 44/86 in age group (possibly only a 12km race for the last one-not measured exactly with course change)

So I guess when I train normally, I end up in the upper third of my age group; when I train kind of hard, I end up in the upper 20th percentile; and when I don't train at all, well, I guess at least I'm still faster than half of the gals aged 30-39 out there!

Side note: I think it's "cheating" when people don't run for the entire race. There were SO many people walking up the big hill. Then they had energy to pass me on the downhills or straightaways. Not fair. I say you have to run the whole thing, or it doesn't count! Okay, maybe it's alright to stop for a second to take a gulp of water, because it's really hard to drink while running. I'll get off my soapbox now before I make too many enemies. Anyway, that's what I've been up to lately. Tomorrow's post will be called, "Why I Hate Tiger Airways!" Something to look forward to...


  1. Is it the same photographer every time? Do they expect you to be crazy now?

  2. LOVE IT! Your times are good! Congratulatons. Nice shoes.

  3. I recognized one of the photographers (there are a few). I'm sure they see thousands of people every weekend, so I doubt they remember me. On my first lap, one guy missed the shot, so I said "next time" and pointed to myself on the second lap. He got it!