Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Our Christmas Card

Well, this card should look familiar to most of you by now. This is our Christmas card for 2011, and you should have already gotten it in the mail if I know you and have your address! Each year, I write a limerick and include pictures of places we've been. Obviously, this year includes mostly shots of places in Australia.

Anyway, the annoying thing about Shutterfly (and normally I love everything about Shutterfly) is that they don't have lots of options for cards with several pictures on them. This is one of the only ones where I could fit nine pictures, and it causes the font formatting to be squished and my limerick lines to not all fit where I wanted them. Oh well.

So we're back from our camping trip along the Great Ocean Road. It was awesome, and I hope to catch up on some pictures and blogging tomorrow before we leave for Tasmania on Friday. Did everyone have a great Christmas?

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