Friday, December 23, 2011

A Melbourne Merry Christmas

It really doesn't feel like Christmas. Today it was nearly 90 degrees outside, and while I'm loving the heat, I'm a little bit jealous when I hear that Denver got almost a foot of snow. To try to get myself into the Christmas spirit, I walked around Melbourne's CBD (downtown) yesterday and took pictures of the holiday decorations. Though an Australian Christmas is much tamer and low-key than the American version (sadly), these pictures will give you an idea of how Melbourne celebrates the holiday.

This bridge over the Yarra River has a giant mistletoe contraption hanging in the middle.
Federation Square is full of fake trees. Kids play hide and seek in them.
Stars hang above the street in front of Flinders Street Station.
I don't think you'd see this in a United States downtown display!
No, I didn't wait in line to sit on Santa's lap. I've been a good girl though.
Flinders Street Station from another angle-this looked pretty cool.
Myer's (basically the Australian version of Macy's) has an elaborate window display.
It was jam-packed in front of these, so this is the best shot I could get without waiting in a big line.
Merry Christmas Melbourne indeed.
Zack and I are heading out tomorrow morning to camp for a few days along the Great Ocean Road. We figure it will be nice to get away and just spend some time surfing and relaxing on the beach. It will be sad not being with our families, and I will especially miss the "Christmas House." Schultz Family-eat lots of venison and walleye for me and let me know who wins the euchre tournament! But we will make the best of it; sleeping under the stars on a beach during an Australian summer isn't the worst way to celebrate the holiday after all. Merry Christmas to everyone who reads this blog!


  1. Merry Christmas Aubree! We don't have snow here in Holland this year either, so don't feel too bad about not having a white Christmas. It's been fun reading about all of your adventures in Australia. Your family's trip was incredible! Even though it's sad not to do the Christmas house this year, just think when you look back on all of your Christmases of the past and you'll always remember the year you were camping under the stars along the ocean in that is a Christmas to remember! Have a great time!

  2. Merry Christmas to you and Zack. Thank you for the neat Christmas card Aubree. I very much enjoy your blog. I will eat 6 white chocolate cookies in your name at the Christmas House.

  3. About time I caught up on your blog. We are so looking forward to our trip to Australia. Looks like you got as much snow for Christmas as we did in St. Louis. We, of course, are missing seeing you both and Molly for Christmas -- but we'll get over it knowing we'll soon be sharing time in Aussieland.

  4. It especially doesn't feel like Christmas with rain and hail coming down like a hurricane! (reminds me of home in summer - but not Christmas!). Have fun camping - hopefully the weather clears up for you!