Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Big Day Out

On Sunday, January 29, we went to Big Day Out, a yearly concert held in major Australian cities. The headliner was Kanye West, and he put on quite a production at the end of the night, but we enjoyed some of the daytime performances better. I liked seeing Kimbra again (we had first seen her at the Falls Fest in Tasmania).

There were several color-coded stages set up all around the Flemington Racecourse, but here is a picture of one of the main ones (the orange one) when My Chemical Romance was playing. The blue one was right next to it, so once one band was done playing, another could start right away. Along with the other smaller stages, you had plenty of choices for music all day long.
When you got tired of listening to music, you could check out some of the shopping booths, carnival rides, or skate ramp action. Here is the famous Tony Hawk showing off some awesome tricks!
Soundgarden was another major act at the show, and here is a picture of them playing. We left their set early to go check out the band called Foster the People, who are known for their song called "Pumped Up Kicks." Zack has since gotten their whole album, and we like all of their songs!

Big Day Out was a hot, tiring way to spend a Sunday, but we enjoyed the music and experiencing this Melbourne tradition in its 20th year.

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