Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Australian Open

Can you tell that it is summer here? So hot!

Woohoo-my computer is FINALLY fixed! I'm not even going to go into the things I had to do to get it to work; I'm just happy it does. Anyway, back to the blogging. For two weeks in January, the Australian Open was the focus of Melbourne and much of the world. Zack's dad and stepmom flew into town and enjoyed several days of tennis. I joined them on Tuesday of the first week with a grounds pass, which allows you to see several matches on various courts throughout the day.

Dokic (Australian) and her Russian opponent wore the same outfit! The Aussie won. 

I'm not sure I've ever actually watched a full match of tennis. I pretty much knew the rules and how the game worked, but I've never sat down and really paid attention. I'll admit; I got kind of hooked! There were many late nights over the next week and a half as I stayed up to watch the ends of matches on television.

Players would stop and sign these giant tennis balls after their matches.

I've never been to a tennis tournament, but the Australian Open seemed extremely well organized and executed. The ball kids were especially impressive; you could tell they had been carefully trained. The crowds were fun, shouting "Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi" and leading slow motion and extra-fast waves. But when the tennis players played, people were so quiet! 

On Tuesday evening, Zack joined us after work at the Rod Laver Arena to watch the evening matches between Aussie favorite Lleyton Hewitt and a German guy and then Serena Williams versus an Austrian. Hewitt's match lasted nearly four hours; we were exhausted just watching it! But he won in the end.

Some of these serves are around 200 km/hour (123 miles/hour)!

Lleyton Hewitt wins his match after nearly four hours!
It was a warm summer night, and after spending all day sweating in the sun, I was tired by midnight. But I was excited to stay and see Serena Williams. She is a beast! Seriously, she is built like a man-so muscular and strong. She's actually won the Australian Open a few times (not this year). But she easily beat her opponent in the first set on the night we were there, so we headed home to get to bed at nearly 2 am!

Overall, the Australian Open was pretty cool, and it was a neat to be a part of the action. I'm glad Melbourne hosts such a major event and that tickets weren't too difficult to get. I've definitely learned to understand and appreciate tennis much more.


  1. Great pics! Venus is made of pure muscle!

  2. What kind of food items do they sell at concession stands? Do they even have those?

    1. Um, pretty much the same as the US I guess. Well, they always have a sausage stand with various types of "snags."

  3. My husband was over in Melbourne and watched Andy Murray and Nadal and the Womens final. It was so hot. Only 6 weeks till I join him and we begin our expat life in Melbourne, I enjoy your blog very much.:-)

    1. Woohoo-hopefully we'll still have some nice summer weather for you when you get here!

  4. Hi! We visited Melbourne for the open (along with Cairns and Sydney) in January and I've been missing it since we arrived home. Hope you don't mind if I live vicariously through you!