Tuesday, January 31, 2012

When My Computer is Fixed...

The Australian mail service continues to be unimpressive (though the ladies at the post office are very nice). I still have not received the disk from Apple so I can reinstall my hard drive and this computer will work on a regular basis. At the moment, it is allowing me to type, but if I even try to open iPhoto, I know the whole thing will freeze up. Yesterday, I couldn't even get the computer to turn on. The Apple office that sent the disk is located in Tasmania; I wish I could just hop on the overnight ferry and go get it myself! Alas, I must wait. They tell me it will be here by tomorrow at the latest.

When my computer is fixed, here are the entries I need to catch up on (you are eagerly looking forward to these, right?):

-Australian Open
-Big Day Out
-Zack's parents' visit (Great Ocean Road)
-Australia Day
-my birthday
-boat ride down the Yarra River
-the rest of my Uluru trip

I hate falling behind, but such is life. I hope to be up and running again soon!


  1. Do tennis players sign a lot of autographs? Do people buy those giant tennis balls specifically for getting autographs?

    1. Yeah, as the players walk out through the tunnel, kids hold those giant tennis balls down for them to sign.

  2. Hi Aubree, I see you are going to have a write up on the Australian Open. I was wondering if you were there where Marcos Baghdatis smashes 4 rackets because he lost. Two of the rackets weren't even out of the plastic yet. I think he had a meltdown but I really think he needs to attend a anger management class. Maybe they don't have those classes in his country. Send him to the states...we will take care of him. Just curious if you saw that episode live.

    1. I wish I had seen that live! They replayed it about 100 times over here on the news. I did get to see Serena. She is a beast!

  3. A man beast!!!! A man machine beast!!!