Friday, January 13, 2012

Cool Coke Cans

The Coca-Cola Company in Australia has been running a new ad campaign lately, where they urge you to "Share a Coke with ______". They've picked 150 of the most common Australian first names and put them on Coke bottles. Zack has one, even though it's spelled "Zach." It's fun to see them on the shelves on the store and find names of people you know, including Justin, Dave, Victoria, etc. There's even a Facebook page dedicated to this ad campaign, complete with individualized songs for each name you can find on a can.

Some of the more interesting (supposedly common) names include Callum, Fadi, Lachlan, Rhys, and Wen. Of course, even with all of those, there is no "Share a Coke with Aubree" can! But before Christmas, you were able to go to a kiosk in Sydney and create your own personalized little Coke can for free. So when Zack was there for work, he got one made for me. Hooray! I think I will keep it forever. How many years until Coke goes bad?!

In late January, they'll be adding 50 more names, including "Bree" and "Audrey." Hey, that's getting closer to Aubree, right? :)

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  1. I remember seeing those ads, what a fun idea!