Monday, January 2, 2012

Acting Aussie with Christmas Crackers

Happy 2012 everyone! It's time to catch up on my posts from Christmas before I get to posts about our trip to Tasmania. One Australian tradition we tried this year was Christmas crackers (also called bon bons). These are cardboard tube-type things that you break open on Christmas day. You can buy tiny or huge ones, fancy or simple ones, and they come in all different colors and designs.
Each person takes one end, and you pull. It makes a popping sound, and one end comes off. It's kind of like a wishbone, so the person with the larger piece gets to keep what's inside.
Most Christmas crackers contain a paper hat/crown (you can see Zack wearing a pink one here), a small toy, and a joke. I think we got a key chain in one and a pencil sharpener in another. Anyway, they are a fun tradition, and we enjoyed opening ours on Christmas morning while overlooking the beach!


  1. Those look fun. It would be even better if there was an explosion on confetti when you opened it!

  2. Agreed! I bet you can find ones like that somewhere.