Thursday, January 19, 2012


My Macbook Pro is not working so well right now. Luckily, I purchased the Apple Care Protection Plan when I bought it a couple of years ago, so it's covered, but I'm waiting on a disk to come in the mail so I can reinstall the entire operating system. Fun. That's why the blog has been quiet lately, and while I'm able to write this post at the moment, I definitely won't be attempting to attach pictures. That's just asking too much.

Zack's dad and stepmom Vickie are in town, and we've been busy driving down the Great Ocean Road and enjoying the Australian Open. There will be posts with pictures when my computer works! In the meanwhile, I'll tell you an amusing story about something that happened to me while I was running home from the gym today.

I was running along St Kilda Beach, excited about almost being home, when a guy standing in front of his car (with the hood up) stopped me. I pulled my headphones out of my ears and he repeated his question, "Do you know much about cars?" I answered, "No, not really...just how to check the oil." Then he asked me to touch this one tube near the engine while he "turned it over." He walked to the side of the car, I touched the tube, and white smoke started puffing out of the engine area. He asked, "What did you do?" and told me to try it again.  Again, white smoke came out, but I kind of knew it was something he was doing over on the side of the car that was causing it.

At this point, two simultaneous thoughts went through my head. 1. This is a prank of some sort. 2. This guy is trying to get me to "break" his car and then he's going to try to blame me and make me pay! He kept saying things like, "You're causing this" and "You have some sort of bad car karma." He told me to do it again, and I told him to do whatever he was doing on the side of the car without me touching the tube. He said that he was just "leaning on the car." At this point, I wasn't going to "incriminate" myself further, so I kind of just stared at him and didn't touch the tube.

Finally he kind of started laughing and revealed that the whole thing was being filmed for PrankTV, a show on ABC or something. He pointed out a few big video cameras in the nearby bushes and had me sign a waiver to be on television. I don't think they'll actually use footage of me, because my reaction wasn't that exciting or extreme, but who knows? It won't be aired until March or April, and I'm sure I'll never actually see the show, but it's amusing to think about anyway.

I watched from a distance for a little while he pranked other people who passed by. He really pumped out the smoke for one guy, who actually took off running (I think he thought the car was going to blow up!). Anyway, that was my entertaining occurrence for the day. It's funny that I was so oblivious to the large cameras that weren't too far away.

Well, my computer has already frozen up twice and had to be restarted four times while writing this post, so I'm going to quit while I can. Hopefully the disk to fix it comes tomorrow!


  1. Ha! You sure do lead an exciting life!

  2. I'll write what everyone else is thinking...
    You should have gone with a PC. Those never break down.

  3. Only in Australia!!!!
    There's no way this would have happened in the States.
    Just like kids should stay away from strangers with puppies, you should stay away from guys wth smoking cars.

  4. I think you made a wise choice in computers Aubree. We love our apples.

    I was a bit frightened for you as far as the car story. I thought he was going to hurt you so I am glad it all turned out!!

  5. Ha! You caught his deception! Imagine if you had been a total witless buffoon. They would have enjoyed showing the whole "dumb blonde" routine. Way to outsmart them!
    But . . . the Dad side of me says to be more careful. He could have been dangerous.

  6. My Apple has always worked nicely (up until now). Plus it never gets viruses, unlike PCs! And don't worry everyone, this whole car thing happened in a very public place...there were all sorts of other people around on the beach and at a nearby picnic table. I wouldn't have gone off into the woods to help him or anything like that!