Wednesday, May 16, 2012

American Food Store Suggestions

There's a new little store on Carlisle Street in St Kilda, and it stocks American products at a discounted price. They're just starting out, so right now they just have lots of soda (hooray for Dr. Pepper!), Pop Tarts (at $10 a box-I don't miss them that much), and some candy and spices, but they're open to suggestions on other items they should carry. I made them a list, and I thought you readers might find it interesting. These are all things that we can't get easily (or sometimes at all) in Australia, and for one reason or another, I've missed them at some point. I was excited about finding the canned pumpkin pictured to the left ($10 for a large can) last month at David Jones, which is a department store with a specialty food shop on the bottom floor. I do love my pumpkin desserts! Here's hoping that this new store takes some of my suggestions and prices them affordably...

Suggested American Items:

Canned pumpkin
Canned black beans
Fritos corn chips
Graham crackers
Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce
Cereals (Life, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Quaker Oat Squares, Corn Pops, etc.)
Wheat Thins
Chips Ahoy soft bake cookies
Funyuns (Zack likes these-not me)
Peanut butter M&Ms
Cornmeal or cornbread mix
Chili seasoning packet
Pot roast seasoning packet
Malt O Meal
Maple syrup
Dove or Secret solid stick deodorant
Velveeta shells and cheese


  1. My husband picks up about 5-6 tubes of his favorite deodorant when he goes back to the States. I got about 5 sticks of Secret when I was there last October. I can't do that spray on stuff!

    I would add a few things to your list: dill pickles, grits (I AM from Texas), and baby carrots.

    And I totally agree with Malt-O-Meal! LOVE that stuff!!!

    1. Yeah, my mom sent me a year's supply of deodorant when I first moved here!

  2. I would miss a lot of those things on your list. I just made pumpkin bread and bagels this past week!

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  4. Mmmm... Twizzlers. I cannot believe they sell Pop Tarts for $10/box! That is insanity. Do they have pretzels there? How about string cheese?

    1. Pretzels, yes, but not nearly as many types and shapes. String cheese-I'm not sure-but that sounds yummy right now!

  5. Grape Jelly or Jam!!

    1. Good point, and that yummy flavored peanut butter made by Peanut Butter & Co (white chocolate and such)!

  6. Kristian CampbellMay 19, 2012 at 12:07 AM

    Seriously. Have you checked out Costco yet? That's my American store of choice!

    1. I'm not a Costco member, but I have friends who are. I should definitely check it out sometime!