Monday, May 14, 2012

Rebels Playing Rugby

On Saturday night, we met up with Kristy and Nigel at AAMI Park to watch a rugby game. The Melbourne Rebels played the Crusaders from New Zealand, and they won 28-19! I guess this was a big deal, because the Crusaders were heavily favored. Zack and I had been to one rugby game back in Denver (the Glendale Raptors were the national champions), but we didn't really understand the game. So it was good to have an Australian (Kristy) and a Brit (Nigel) with us this time to explain the rules to us.

AAMI Park is a neat venue. From the outside, it looks like a bunch of joined golf balls with lights. Inside, it is smaller than expected, and with general admission seats, we were able to sit pretty close to the action. It was a cold night, so we bundled up to stay warm. Note the hat and scarf I am wearing. I made (knit) those all by myself! Go ahead and feel free to be impressed now. :)

I was surprised that the game was over so quickly. There were two forty minute halves, and the clock never stopped (other than at halftime). I'm used to American football with tons of breaks and four long quarters! It was also interesting to realize once again that Australian sporting events do not have cheerleaders. In America, there is no way that you'd go to a game like this and not have hot girls in skimpy clothes on the sidelines shaking their butts to dance music at every pause and break in the action. In fact, the entire focus in Australia is truly on the game. There are no flashy lights, fireworks, songs being blasted through the loudspeakers, organized cheers, etc. In some ways, this is good (you end up actually watching the game!), but the American part of me can get a bit bored with no distractions to keep me entertained. I'm cool with no cheerleaders though (no offense to any cheerleaders intended!). I'm not sure we'll become hardcore rugby fans, but it was a fun way to spend a chilly fall evening with friends.


  1. I AM impressed by the hat and scarf! They look soft and warm. Do you take orders?

    1. Sure-but it's summer there, so you don't need anything!

  2. There are no skimpily-clad cheerleaders at Colorado Rapids games!!! ;) But there are some loud songs in the intro and organized cheers... especially from our season ticket holder section!