Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Monster Molly

We got a BIG surprise in the mail the other day. My brother Justin and sister-in-law Cindy sent us a monster-sized Molly! It's called a Fathead Wall Graphic, and it's basically a big reusable sticker. You can get them of various sports teams, famous players, Disney characters, etc., or you can get a custom one made from a personal picture. So they had one of our dog Molly made for us! She is currently located on our door, so it feels like she's always sitting in the corner of our living room. It's almost like she's here with us, minus the licks and the requiring of constant attention! We miss Molly, but this present makes us smile. Thanks Justin and Cindy!


  1. Constant attention describes it quite well. Sometimes, I think she is my shadow.

  2. Awesome picture, awesome idea, awesome gift!

  3. Adorable! Maybe I need one of these of my husband while I'm away in NYC for the summer. hehe