Sunday, December 9, 2012

Camping and Rock Climbing in the Grampians

After the Dunkeld horse races, Zack and I spent the night camping in the Grampians with Todd and Alena. I was excited to have found American-style marshmallows at the South Melbourne Market, so we could make proper S'mores!
The boys went scrounging around the campground for some wood and came back with several dead trees. In no time at all, they had a huge fire going!
We enjoyed our S'mores and played with some sparklers before going to bed. We also enjoyed stargazing, as there were thousands visible from our campsite. And I finally found the Southern Cross constellation in the sky!
In the morning, I caught this kangaroo licking the leftover chocolate from our S'mores off the tray. Yum!
We spent the morning rock climbing. As usual, I was not very good at it, but I made it up every route I tried (just a lot more slowly than everyone else!). Here's a picture of Zack doing a climb, but the camera was on a weird setting, so that's why it looks strange.
After some climbing, we hiked over to where we were going to do some abseiling. On the way, we found an echidna, and our rock climbing guide said we could pet it (I had always thought they were too sharp to touch). It felt like running your hand over a bunch of little plastic knitting needles.
Then we did some abseiling in the same spot we had done it when we visited the Grampians in March. It wasn't scary at all this time, and I went a lot faster on the way down. That's me at the top of this picture!

It was a beautiful weekend for camping and climbing, and we ended our time in the Grampians with a delicious lunch at a little cafe at the Mount Zero Olive Grove. I bought some of their delicious oil, along with lentils and falafel mix. So yummy. Though it's more than a three hour drive from Melbourne, we love spending the weekend in the Grampians!


  1. I love the Grampians! Never been rock climbing, though. You guys are more adventurous than I am!

    Where at SMM did you find the American marshmallows? And how much were they? I got the same ones from USA Foods, but SMM is a lot more convenient for me to get to. Did you also find graham crackers there? I'm DYING to make campfire s'mores. Hubby doesn't know what they are, but I'm sure he'd love them!

    1. The marshmallows are in the "Sweets on South" shop (the candy store). I don't remember what they cost, but it wasn't outrageous. I haven't found graham crackers anywhere; I just finished off the box my mom had sent awhile back, so she'll have to send me another. Now I'm craving a S'more!

  2. Cindy just made some homemade marshmallows. Very easy to do if you have a candy thermometer. They are very tasty. They would definitely be very gooey if roasted over a fire. You should look into making your own. The cost would be very minimal.

    1. Oooo-that sounds good (not that I have a candy thermometer here though). I probably don't even want to know what they're made of, do I?

  3. The Grampians are wonderful - need to try rock climbing there this summer!! Must be so much fun!