Thursday, December 6, 2012

Last Day in Litchfield

We woke up to our final day in the Northern Territory after a great night's sleep in our cute little hut. We still had things to see in Litchfield National Park before driving back to Darwin.
Buley Rockhole is an awesome place in the park. It's a series of waterfalls and naturally created rock pools. You have hundreds of personal little pools to choose from, and we had fun climbing around in many of them.

Playing in Buley Rockhole.
See the tiny termite mound?
After playing around for awhile, we walked the path to Florence Falls. It was a pleasant walk with informational signs and rainforest-type plants along the way.

Overlook of Florence Falls

We did our last waterfall swim in the Northern Territory here in Florence Falls. There were several other people there (you can drive to it as well), but it wasn't overly crowded. Can you spot Zack's head in this picture?
Zack of course wasn't content with just swimming and relaxing; he had to do a jump.

There were tons of fish underwater. These might be barramundi; I'm not sure. I do know I ate barramundi a few times on this trip-yum!

We enjoyed swimming under the waterfall for awhile before heading back toward Buley Rockhole and our station wagon. We had to go drop off our car in Darwin and catch our flight home.
Our final waterfall swim!
Flying out of Darwin.
Our trip to the Northern Territory was amazing, and we packed a lot into five days. The Yellow Water crocodile cruise and our hike to Edith Falls were probably my favorite parts of the trip, but I have lots of awesome memories. If you're interested in seeing the "real" Australia, and you love outdoor adventures, I would highly recommend a trip to this part of the country. But be prepared for lots of driving...these national parks are big, and they're not right next to each other! Anyway, that's the last of my posts about this trip, so now I can hopefully catch up with posts about lots of other things we've been doing lately.


  1. I am so glad you have posted about your trip to the Northern Territory as we are about to plan ours. Thanks for answering my question about the Yellow Water Cruise. I have another question for you: an Aussie friend of mine has suggested that we skip Kakadu and just go to Litchfield as it will be a lot less driving. Other than missing the cruise, (which I am not sure I am prepared to give up), I am just wondering what your thoughts are on Litchfield versus Kakadu.

  2. Hmm...that is a tough one. It definitely would cut down on the driving, and you'd get the same (if not better) waterfall swimming-type experiences at Litchfield. But you'd miss all the birds and the crocodiles, and I don't think it's worth missing the Yellow Water cruise. Good luck with that decision!