Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Party in NYC

Zack's company had its end-of-year party last weekend, and the theme was "New York City." As Americans, it was pretty interesting to see which parts of our culture and food they chose to highlight at the event. When we got off the shuttle bus from the CBD, we walked a red carpet while the "paparazzi" took our pictures and tried to interview us. They acted like we were Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie-ha!
The setup was incredibly impressive. There was a jazz band at a cafe-type setting in front, and on the main stage, there was a gal singing songs such as "New York State of Mind" and Broadway show tunes, accompanied by dancers. We were encouraged to dress for the theme (hence my sparkly dress and tights), but some people went all out with NY Giants football jerseys or Statue of Liberty hats and such.
The whole place was decorated with subway signs, flashing pictures of stores and icons of NYC, and other themed items. And the food was fun too...a deli section with sandwiches; a diner section with fancy hot dogs, burgers, and fries; a taco stand; and a dessert stand with cupcakes and chocolate covered pretzels. We kept wondering where the New York style pizza was, but at the end of the night, they brought around slices! All of the caterers were dressed in I Love NY shirts.
Later in the night, a live band came on stage, and the atmosphere became more club-like. There were even club-type dancers performing above the stage; it was kind of crazy!
We talked with various folks throughout the night from Zack's previous and current project and eventually found our friends Klem and Vesna. They were dressed for the theme-Vesna was the Statue of Liberty and Klem looked like one of the Newsies! It was a great party with a fun American theme.


  1. That is awesome Zack's company throws such an elaborate Christmas (end of the year) party. Our company used to let us choose a selection of frozen choice cuts of meat and we would have a Christmas party. Now nothing. They are trying to cut costs to increase gross profit margin to make stock holders happy. Stupid stock market.

    1. Boo to your company! You should hold your own party right in the office on the last day before Christmas.