Thursday, July 7, 2011

Blog About Birds

This blog entry is about the birds I have seen so far in Australia.  Some of them are quite unique.  The two colorful ones above are variations of the crimson rosella.  I thought the one on the right might be a green rosella, but it's got a lot of red on its front.  Anyway, they are members of the parrot family, and they are very bright and pretty.  I saw these two at one of the train stops while riding Puffing Billy.

This guy is a magpie.  You see these black and white birds all over the place, so I'm not even sure where I took this picture.  Yes, I am Googling to find out the names of all of these.  Don't go thinking I'm a bird expert or something!
This little guy on the left is a dusky moorhen.  I found him walking around the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney.  He's kind of funny looking, but I like him.  The one on the right is an Australian white ibis.  Check out the beak on that thing!  He was also in Sydney, but near the Archibald Fountain.

Now on the left we have a white-faced heron.  On the right is a darter.  Its head is the only thing that sticks out of the water, and it looks like a snake.  Both of these were in Sydney in or near the water.

I saved the best for last...the sulphur crested cockatoo!  There were a ton of these in the Gardens in Sydney.  I saw one guy feeding them, and a cockatoo even landed on his shoulder.  Then the ranger came by and scolded him for feeding the birds.  These things are huge and loud (in an obnoxious way!).  There are several that hang out in the footy field behind our new place in Melbourne.  I might get sick of them eventually, but for now, I think it's neat to see such big, white birds flying around.  It feels kind of tropical, especially when they're in the palm trees! 

I know there are lots more to discover, but these are the interesting ones I've come across so far.  I don't consider the ducks or seagulls to be interesting!  Anyway, I hope you enjoyed your Australian bird lesson for the day.  


  1. Very enjoyable post. I wonder if you will ever get so used to seeing these birds that they too become a routine part of your normal day.

  2. i'm going to take credit for a few of those identifications :)