Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rats at Brighton

On Saturday afternoon, the sun seemed to be shining, and we wanted to get out and enjoy it.  The water had been freezing last time we went surfing, so instead we decided to go for a bike ride to Brighton Beach.  We brought along some wine and cheese and crackers and sat down in front of a colorful bathing box to enjoy the afternoon.  Of course, the sun went away when we got there, and it was pretty chilly, but it was still fun.  If you've been following along, you'll know we've been there before.  But this time was a little different.
First of all, there were surf rescue boats practicing out in the bay.  It was neat to watch them race around the buoys.  There were also a bunch of strange looking birds out on the rocks.  Among the rocks, I found some starfish, little black shells, algae of some sort, etc.  The bay was full of sailboats and stand-up paddle boarders.

But the most interesting thing that we discovered is that there are rats at Brighton Beach!  I noticed one scamper under a bathing box, and we soon found two of them running around.  They aren't as ugly as New York City rats, and they actually look like cute little mice (but they're bigger).  So of course we put out some pieces of our cheese so I could get some pictures of them.  People like us who feed them are probably the reason these rats hang around!

The seagulls picked up on the fact that we were handing out food and tried to come over and snatch the cheese, but we chased them away.  I wonder if the millionaires who live on this street know that their beach is infested with rats?  Ha!

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