Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend Review From Up Here (Down Under)

On one of our balconies-I love the sunsets!
Hello blog readers!  We recently acquired a desk off of Gumtree, and we put it against the windows in the family room.  As I sit here at my laptop overlooking yet another fabulous sunset from the 11th floor, I figured I would update the blog with what we did over the weekend.

On Friday night, we went to the taping of The 7PM Project show.  It was "live," so it went quickly and was entertaining.  We found it interesting that all of the jokes among the hosts were preplanned, because on the show it comes across as spur-of-the-moment banter.  I guess they had us fooled.  I was bummed that the guy from Glee was actually interviewed via camera from Sydney.  I thought he'd be in the studio.  Anyway, after the show, we used one of our Scoopon deals to get some pizza on Fitzroy Street.  No surprise-it wasn't that good.  Will we ever find decent pizza in this town?

French toast with strawberries-yum!
Zack was up early on Saturday, and he actually worked from home nonstop until 5pm.  Busy boy!  I slept in and then made us a yummy breakfast.  Notice the lovely MasterChef-ish presentation.  Ignore the ugly plate; our kitchen collection (and everything in our apartment for that matter) is a mixture of cheap things we've gathered from various sources.  On Saturday night, we headed over to Emily and Adam's place in Elwood (a suburb next to St. Kilda) for dinner.  They have a beautiful place, and we enjoyed a delicious meal.

Illegal phone picture!
Zack returned the favor and brought me breakfast in bed on Sunday morning before he headed out on a bike ride.  Sunday afternoon was spent at the taping for Australia's Got Talent.  It was the second episode of the Semifinals, so Jack Vidgen came out on stage at the beginning to hear that he's going through to the Finals, but we didn't get to hear him sing.  We saw some good and not-so-good performances; our favorite was a young jazz singer named Liam.  It was a long afternoon waiting to get into the show.  We were at the end of the line and only got in because I nicely asked if there were any single seats left.  So by splitting up for the first bit, we made it in after they had turned several others away.  I know it seems like we are TV show crazy lately (have I mentioned that I'm trying out for Deal or No Deal next Thursday?!), but really this is just a phase where they've been sending me lots of tickets lately, and it's something fun to do in Melbourne when the weather is lousy outside.

We love Luna Park!
Zack left for Sydney this morning and will be there until Wednesday, so I'm on my own again.  Today was spent taking care of random stuff on the computer (bills, banking, insurance, etc.), so it wasn't too exciting.  It rained on and off during the day, so I just stayed in my pajamas, drank some tea, read a book, and got some stuff done!  Schools are back in session, so it's been quiet today.  They've been on holiday the last two weeks, so Luna Park (the amusement park right below us) had been open, and all day long we could hear screams from the people on the rides.  Some people might find that annoying, but we like it.  As Zack says, "it reminds you to be happy," because all day long you get to hear the sounds of unrestrained joy from the people below.  It's dark down there now; I guess it'll be open again once it warms up around here.  Anyway, we had a pretty good weekend, and we hope you did too!


  1. What personality are you going to choose to use for your audition for Deal or No Deal? I would sell myself by saying:
    I will be the most boring contestant you will ever have. The host won't be able to crack me. I will not jump around like an idiot. So choose me to represent all the normal people that are watching from home.
    Yep, that is what I would say. You, however, may want to play off the dumb blonde American angle :)

  2. I'm debating about whether I should be offended by your comment or not! Actually, I may end up going to Sydney with Zack and miss the audition this time around. Bummer.

  3. It amuses me that you guys are TV show groupies! Why not open your own "real" pizza place...? Just a thought! Show 'em how it's done!

  4. just ran into your blog and enjoying the read. have you tried I Carusi on barkly for pizza yet? its the wood-fired kind, italians in the kitchen, but can get super busy. personaly, its one our local favorites. hope you are enjoying melbourne!