Friday, September 9, 2011

The Rest of Last Weekend

Besides going to the footy game, we did a few other fun things last weekend. On Friday, Zack was in the mood to go to a play at some sort of small theatre. So I found the Red Stitch Theatre on Chapel Street, and they were performing The Aliens, which is actually an American play! We grabbed a few pizza slices before the show and went inside with our drinks. The theatre only holds about eighty people, so we were super close to the stage. There were only three characters in the show and one set, but it was pretty interesting. We got our culture fix.

On Saturday, Zack and I went to Lysterfield Park. This is a place about forty-five minutes outside of Melbourne, and it's full of trails through the woods. Zack mountain biked with a friend while I went for a run around the lake. I was (and still am) so jealous that Zack got to see kangaroos on his ride, and I didn't get to see any. He didn't have his phone with him, so he couldn't even take pictures. Someday I'm going to see Australian animals in the wild-argh! I didn't run with my camera, but I managed to snap this lame picture to give you an idea of the area. You could spend hours exploring the trails at this place!

It looks like it may be a rainy, cold weekend in Melbourne, so I'm not sure if we'll follow our original plan to go surfing tomorrow. We'll see!

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