Monday, September 5, 2011

A Win at the Footy

On Saturday night, we went to another footy game at the MCG. You may remember the entry about the first game we went to with Heath and Isabelle. This time, we saw the St Kilda Saints battle the Carlton Blues with our friends Alena and Todd (from Chicago). The stadium was a lot more crowded this time, probably because it was a night game and the last one of the regular season. Playoffs start next week. The Blues are in 5th place, and the Saints are in 6th.

I was excited to finally get to wear my St Kilda gear. You don't get many chances to wear socks like these! Alena bought a scarf outside the stadium (she's a Blues fan), so we both looked like true fans. We met up with Todd and Alena before the game for some drinks and food and then headed to "the G" for the start. Yes, I enjoyed another meat pie during the game! Carlton led for the first half, and Zack and I were gearing up for another St Kilda loss. We even had a bet going with Todd and Alena: if the Blues won, we had to buy them drinks and vice versa with the Saints. St Kilda stepped it up in the second half and ended up winning by twenty points! Woohoo-free drinks for us!

Todd and Alena

A fun night at the footy!


  1. i like this look! those are some styling socks!

  2. So funny, Ryan just finished his post about footy before we left for the US. We must be on the same wavelength. Oh, and Go HAWKS :)

  3. I got hooked up to your blog through my dad who works with a friend of yours at Denver Investment. I lived in Melbourne for almost 4 years and got my citizenship there. Plan to move back at some point but am pursuing my dancing career now. I was a teacher in high school. Anyway, the Saints are my team and this note made me miss the footy! Go Saints!!

  4. At least you were able to enjoy a good football game last week (instead of the ND one). Have you found any way to watch the games over there?

  5. My mom tried to put the computer up to the TV over Skype so I could see the Notre Dame vs. Michigan game, but it didn't work too well. Probably better that way-I was having a heart attack just with the updates on Unbelievable!