Sunday, November 11, 2012

City to Sea Sunday

We interrupt your regularly scheduled posts about our Northern Territory trip to bring you an update on today's City2Sea race. Zack ran this 14km race this morning, as did our friend Emily. It started near the Arts Centre and ended in St Kilda. Here's Zack stretching before the race.

Today is Remembrance Day in Australia, which is basically like their Veterans Day. Here's a guy playing a trumpet as part of the commemoration before the run started.
And he's off! This is Zack at the starting line. I found Emily before she started as well!
Adam and I rode our bikes and met up with our spouses at the finishing line. They both ran a sub-9 minute mile pace! Zack was pleased with his 1:17 finishing time, considering he barely trained at all and hasn't even run in a couple of weeks!
Zack's company sponsored a swanky post-race party complete with catered food (including a full BBQ), unlimited drinks, and a jazz band. We sat in the sunshine outside the tent for awhile enjoying the free food. What a beautiful spring day for a race-nice job Zack and Emily!

P.S. As of about an hour ago, Notre Dame is now 10-0 for the season. Go Irish!!!


  1. Hi there! I was just reminiscing about playing the bugle calls at the start of this run two years ago and found this post through Google. I've never seen a photo from the day - this is so cool! :) This year I'm running the 5km then playing with my band at the finish line. Crazy, huh?! Hope you both loved your time in our wonderful city.

    1. So that's you in the picture? Very cool! We loved our time in Melbourne!

    2. It sure is! It was an amazing view up there looking over all the runners. I immediately jumped into the lead car so I could play at the finish line (do you remember seeing a funk band there?). The event doesn't fall on Remembrance Day this year so I get to do the run first. :)