Thursday, November 29, 2012

Edith Falls Fun

Besides Katherine Gorge, the other main attraction in Nitmiluk National Park is Edith Falls. This was one of my favorite places on our Northern Territory trip. You can swim in the easily accessible pool (that's Edith Falls in the far background) just a short walk from the parking lot, but the real treat comes when you do the Leliyn Loop walk.

The hike gives you great views of the water and vast landscape below.
Then you get a glimpse of the awesomeness that awaits you.
We had these upper pools all to ourselves! It was amazing. And no, there are no crocodiles up in this area of the park!
Zack did some bouldering...

...while I enjoyed playing in the water.

After an hour or so of enjoying our own private waterfall and rock pools, we continued our hike and got more beautiful views of where we had been.

You sure do feel like you are in the "real" Australia in the Northern Territory. It's pretty darn cool. Well, actually it's pretty darn hot, but you know what I mean! This is my last post about Nitmiluk; my next post will take you to Litchfield National Park (the third and final park of our trip).

Yes, I am a dork who owns an Australian swimsuit. It was $15 and works well for pictures in these settings. Don't judge!


  1. Why were there no other people around? Is it the off season? Did you use a the shutter timer on the last picture? It seems like a lower viewing angle. How warm was the water?

    1. It was definitely the off season. For the last picture, I set the camera on a rock and used the timer. The water was plenty warm...not hot, but not very chilly at all. Refreshing!