Monday, November 12, 2012

Window on the Wetlands

Several huge dragonflies were flitting about above the lookout deck!
On our drive to Kakadu National Park from Darwin, we stopped at Window on the Wetlands. The building's viewing area overlooked a large wetland with tons of different types of birds. We drove down closer to the water to get a closer look, where Zack encouraged me to get out of the car for a picture. This was probably a stupid idea in hindsight, considering that saltwater crocodiles inhabit the area. Luckily, I'm obviously still alive!

When we arrived at Kakadu National Park, one of the first stopping points was another wetland display. This one had even more types of birds, and we enjoyed watching them fly and strut around for awhile. Here are some pictures from this peaceful area of Kakadu:

This guy is much littler than I can describe-this was taken with my zoom lens!
I'm not typically a big "bird person," but it was actually pretty cool to see so many different types in one place, especially ones that I've never seen before. I even found a free app for my phone called "Kakadu Birds," so I can find out which ones we saw. Watching the birds was a nice, relaxing start to our Northern Territory vacation.


  1. There better be a picture of one of these infamous crocodiles in an upcoming post.