Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Chocolate Contest

I had this delicious hot chocolate over the weekend.  We were at a place called The Stokehouse on St. Kilda Beach having some drinks with Heath and Isabelle (and then Emily and Adam) on Saturday afternoon. When you order it, they actually give a block of chocolate to the kitchen to be melted. Then they add the steamed milk and somehow make this cool pattern on top. So good.

In honor of this hot chocolate (and all of the delicious chocolate in this country), I've decided to hold a contest. To enter, you have to write an original poem and leave it as a comment on this blog entry. It can be any kind of poem and any length, but it must somehow be about chocolate! I will choose the winner over the weekend, so make sure you post your poem by Friday. I will send the winning poet a delicious Australian chocolate candy bar, so get writing! This will be entertaining for me as well, because I love comments-ha!


  1. My chocolate haiku:

    Chocolate is bad
    Obesity in future
    Eat vegetables

  2. Ha-nice. What do you other readers have to top this?!

  3. Before and After
    a poem by Justin

    milk•white•dark•unsweetened•semi-sweet•melted C♥H♥O♥C♥O♥L♥A♥T♥E

  4. I have heard about Acland Street
    The shops sell many fancy treats
    The chocolate cakes look like heaven
    I just might have to try seven

  5. Justin-two entries? Is that just in case I'm not a haiku fan or something? Cindy-good one! Does nobody else want free chocolate? Come on people!

  6. Chocolate
    Melts in your mouth
    Wondrous substance
    Such a treat

  7. Chocolate for me
    Chocolate for you,
    If you don’t pay attention,
    Yours will be mine, too.

  8. C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E BARS
    Hershey Kiss
    Oh Henry
    Old Faithful
    Lion Bar
    Almond Joy

  9. Chocolate is the very best.
    I like Dove better then all the rest.

    I hide a package in my drawer.
    One is all I eat, but usually I want more.

    I look forward to my singular treat during the day.
    I never usually share or give it away.

    There is a chocolate monster that lives in my house.
    Most of you know that, he is my spouse.

    So I will continue to hide my treats.
    Even if it means, I must put them in my softball cleats .

    But the wrappers, what should I do with them?
    I guess I will have to put them in my hem.

    Now you know my chocolate secret.
    Please, please, please, don't tell anyone in my family so I can keepit.

  10. I love it, Jean! You get my vote.


    - life's necessity
    - hunger satisfying
    - cause of contentment
    - produces a big smile when eating
    - a lovely addiction
    - tastes like heaven
    - creates "chocolate monsters"
    - mouth watering
    - encourages hoarding
    - better than s..

  12. I never realized Jean is such a talented poet!
    And Ray, where did you ever come up with all of those names of chocolate?

  13. Sent by e-mail (computer wasn't posting):

    College Girls Plea
    By: Chelsey and Katie

    Chocolate in the morning
    Chocolate at night
    Chocolate is a sweet delight

    Cookies, cakes and pies galore
    Makes my heart cry out for more

    Nutty, smooth, dark, caramel or crunchy
    Doesn't matter because they all give us the munchies

    Mrs. Fields chocolate chip cookies remind us of home
    With a little Australian chocolate we wont feel so alone

    We don't have much money because we are trying to obtain a college degree
    So please send some chocolate to us Aubree

  14. Awesome poem Chelsey and Katie.

  15. hard to argue with the pleas of poor college folk... :)

  16. Better late than never - can I still get in?

    Chocolate made of yummy stuff
    We taste it with delight
    The more we eat the more we want
    Some say this isn't right

    Chocolate looks so harmless
    A smart smooth creamy block
    With lots of little chunks to eat
    All gone, well that's a shock

    Chocolate does melt quickly
    It runs between your fingers
    Until you lick it all away
    No fear it never lingers

    Chocolate tries to tempt us
    In its many colored pack
    It tries to cause addiction
    Being sure that we go back

    Chocolate's simple pleasure
    Enjoy it while you can
    With waistlines now expanding
    We've installed a chocolate ban