Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Savo(u)ring the Sunsets

I've said it before, but the best part about where we live (in my opinion) is the spectacular sunset we get to see every night from our balconies. Each night is different, and I tend to leave the camera right near the door so I can capture the sun as it changes while going down. As the weather's been getting nicer, we've been able to enjoy the sunset while sitting outside on the balcony. I bought a few Australian camp chairs (for $5 each-score!), and last weekend, we sat outside eating Tim Tams and admiring yet another gorgeous sunset. This is the life!

I made a little slideshow with just a sampling of some of the sunsets I've seen from our balconies. Enjoy!


  1. I expect some Tim Tams waiting for me upon arrival!

  2. You've got it-any particular flavor request?

  3. Wow you live in a nice area. I have been living in Melbourne for18 months now and don't think I have seen nearly as much as you. Gorgeous view :)

    ps: aren't tim tams the greatest! When we lived in Spain I had my family send them over, we are moving to Bangkok in the next few months so I will need to pack plenty to take with me

    pss: the white ones are gross though...if you haven't tried them..don't bother!

  4. Thanks, we definitely enjoy our view! Funny, I actually like the white Tim Tams!