Saturday, August 13, 2011

Loud Noises, Police Call, Yu Yangs

So I've turned into the lame old guy who calls the cops when loud noises interfere with his sleep. Last night at around 4am I was awoken to a rockin' party half a block down the street with some really funky music and lots of laughing going on. Scrooge doesn't like laughter and music at 4am. I'm all for it, as long as it wraps up around 10 or 11pm. So I watched as a squad of two Victorian police officers snuck in through the back yard of the party and quickly got the noise turned down. I couldn't fall back asleep, so I ate some chocloate and pizza and watched The Informant, GI Joe, and eventually Taxi Driver. The Informant is awesome, as was Taxi Driver. GI Joe, well not so much.

After a short nap and the end of the movies, I opted for a 60km bike ride down the beach road. It was my fastest ride yet, completed in two hours with an average speed of 31km/h. I guess I wanted to outdo Aubree, who ran 6.5 miles this morning. Or it could be that I started riding my bike to and from the Melbourne office daily.

Tomorrow I get to go mountain biking for the first time in Australia at the newly remodeled Yu Yang trails!  It is Victoria's best mountain biking area. Til then, try to keep the noise down and happy (Yu Yang) trails.

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