Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sunny Sydney

We enjoyed Sydney much more this time around. Maybe it was the warm, sunny weather. Maybe it was the liveliness we saw in the streets (we were here on a Sunday-Tuesday last time). Maybe it was because we were able to explore things at a more leisurely pace and not spend all our time on the normal tourist attractions. Whatever it was, it was nice. We like Sydney a lot, but we're ready to head home to Melbourne tonight. Zack probably has to come back here next week, but maybe only for a day or two.

I spent my days exploring various parts of the city. You've already seen some pictures from Watson's Bay. But I also walked around the CBD, taking pictures in the Royal Botanic Gardens and at Hyde Park. At Hyde Park, there is the Anzac Memorial. It's basically like a miniature Washington D.C. with a reflecting pool, monuments and statues, and an eternal flame in tribute to fallen soldiers. Zack and I met for lunch a few times this week and enjoyed our picnics in the park.

Since we were here over the weekend, we went out on Friday night and pretended we were still young. We hung out at an Irish pub called Scruffy Murphy's and saw some live music by a group called Elevation. They were a U2 cover band, and they didn't exactly make up for us missing the real U2 concert in Denver this summer, but we had a good time nonetheless. We even went downstairs to the club for awhile and stopped by the Marble Bar at the Hilton to see all the "pretty people." I don't think we got to bed until about 2am, which is very late for us!

I'm at a McDonald's using their free internet right now to write this blog entry. We're in the process of switching internet companies, because we hate Vodaphone, so it may be a few days before I'm able to write again. We'll see! In the meanwhile, you can look forward to the entry on the Blue Mountains hike, from which our legs are STILL recovering!

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