Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Date Night

On Friday morning, Zack informed me that I should get dressed up for the evening. In fact, he told me that I should go shopping and buy something new to wear. So I did! Not that I need his permission, but I tend to not buy too much for myself unless it's a really good deal or I really need it. So, having no clue what we were doing that night (he wouldn't tell me), I ventured out to see what women's clothing shopping was like in Melbourne. After a little research, I decided to go to Chapel Street. This is a long street/area with all sorts of shops, restaurants, etc. I had been there before (we rent cars from Avis on that street), but I had never been in the clothing stores. Wow. It was overwhelming. You could spend weeks just shopping. There are little boutiques (um, $500 for a shirt-I don't think so!), European designers' shops, and so much more. After lots of browsing and sticker shock, I found a store called Ojay that was having a 40% off sale, and I bought a top (pictured here) and a blue silk dress that I just "had to have." I'm sure I'll find an occasion for wearing it at some point, and it was on sale! Anyway, I also got a black skirt and some jewelry at Sportsgirl (a pretty popular chain here) and called it a day.

As I got ready for the evening, I snapped a few pictures of yet another awesome sunset from our balconies. I'm not sure I'll ever get sick of this. I may have to create an entire photo book of sunset shots when we leave Australia! Seriously, the sky was this color. The water looked like gold.

Soon Zack came home with full grocery bags and started to prepare a feast!  We started with an appetizer (Australians would call this an entree or canape) of toast with brie cheese and spiced pear paste, paired with a delicious Yarra Valley wine.  You can see me enjoying that in the picture at the top. Side note-wow, do I look pale. I don't think I've ever been this white; I guess that's what two winters in a row will do to you! Anyway, it was enjoyable to watch Zack navigate the kitchen. I did have to tell him where to find a few things, but he is darn good at making a few things (namely sandwiches and pasta), so he didn't need my help.
Zack made us a delicious dinner of pasta with alfredo sauce and crab cakes, along with some yummy garlic bread. It was awesome! Yes, he even bought that candle to go along with the dinner. What a guy; I think I'll keep him! After we ate, we went out to a fun little bar on Acland Street and had a drink. Some Australian guy even shared his chocolate dessert with us-random (but delicious)! We went home and didn't even have room for the dessert Zack had bought for me (my favorite chocolate cake from the place near his work), so I got to eat that for breakfast on Saturday! It was a great Friday night on this side of the world. You should leave a comment and tell us about your weekend!


  1. I spent the weekend at work. Molly had a great time with Mascot in Holland at a playground. They got to chase a ball all around in a nice fenced in play area. I didn't waste my whole weekend on work though. Justin and I went on a brisk 12 mile bike ride on Sunday after I got out of work. I was nice to enjoy the day after being trapped inside for 8 hours at work.

  2. You'll fit right in with the St. Kilda bikers when you come!

  3. Do Australians play video games?

  4. Yes, but US games don't work in Australian systems and vice versa. Zack wants to buy a system here, because he's blown up his Xbox cord twice. Argh!

  5. Um, I'm a little late reading this, but I have tears in my eyes now that I did. What a guy. I love him for you, Aubs. We were celebrating our anniversary with a babysitter for two whole hours and enjoyed our dinner at a Japanese steakhouse. -Emily H