Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Doctor Fish

One of the stranger things we did in Thailand was get a fish pedicure. I had heard about these places where fish nibbled on your feet, and I always thought it sounded strange, but we figured it'd be fun to try while on our holiday. 

Before putting our feet anywhere near the fish, the employees washed/scrubbed our feet five times. Five times! My feet have never been so clean. They put bandaids over some scrapes on my toes (from some coral), and then we were good to go. I've read that these "doctor fish" spas are illegal in most US states, because the practice is considered unsanitary. But I felt okay about it after I saw how clean my feet were!
That big fish's bites kind of hurt!
It was so ticklish at first! You got used to it after awhile, but sometimes one would nibble on your arch or between your toes and you would squirm. I had a few bigger fish in my tank, and it kind of hurt when they chewed on me. Otherwise, it just kind of felt like something was gently tapping against you.
It tickles!!
The fish especially liked my mite bites or tropical disease marks or whatever the red bumps were/are. I'm not sure if they made things worse or better; the bumps were kind of inflamed when our fifteen minutes were finished.

Zack and I didn't notice any difference in the smoothness or beauty of our feet after the treatment, even though the fish supposedly slough off dead skin. I think it's more of a gimmick. I probably wouldn't do it again, but it was definitely fun to try once!
The fish apparently liked Zack's scaly feet! :)

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