Friday, August 24, 2012

What the Hail!

We had a glimpse of spring earlier this week with warmer temperatures, but yesterday a big hailstorm came through Melbourne. I was waiting at a tram stop on my way home from teaching when the dark clouds rolled in. Then the thunder started. Then the rain began, which was fine because I was under an overhang. It got harder and turned into hail-big chunks of it. It almost looked like it was snowing. The trouble began when the wind picked up, making the hail blow sideways directly into the shelter. All of us who were huddled there yelped; it hurt! I took out my umbrella and used it as a shield to protect myself (and the girl next to me) from injury. Luckily, my tram came soon after, and I made it home alive. Zack got this picture of our back porch. Is winter over yet?!

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