Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pretty Pranang Beach

On Railay Beach in Krabi, Thailand, the most beautiful beach is Phra Nang (or Pranang) Cave Beach. If you stay at the resort right on the beach, you'd pay over $400 a night. But you can spend about $70 a night on Railay East and walk for ten minutes to get to this gorgeous location. The water is warm and perfectly clear, and the sand is nearly white. You can swim to the limestone cliff you see in the picture and swim in the shallow water. Zack made me pose this way for the picture to the left, but I actually ended up liking the shot because I look skinny (hooray for sucking it in!).
At the bottom of one of the limestone cliffs is the Princess Cave, where local fisherman leave offerings such as phallic symbols and garlands in the hopes of potency and prosperity. It's dedicated to an ancient fertility goddess, and it's an interesting, colorful sight.

This place is also beautiful at night. We enjoyed a gorgeous sunset on the perfect beach; Thailand is an amazing country!


  1. Wow! What a gorgeous beach! You are right! It's really lovely! You guys look like you had a great time in Thailand! We were in Phuket just a couple of nights (which is directly after our wedding in Malaysia) but we had so little time so we missed the sights!

    Will definitely go next time we are around the area, have noted it down! Thanks for the blogs! :)

  2. Hi Aubree,

    Love the blog posts about Thailand. We spent a few weeks there in late 2011/early 2012 and we loved our travels there!

    I'm also a fellow American ex-pat living in Melbourne and stumbled upon your blog via the Facebook page. I blog about our lives here as well- -and I'm sure we've shared some similar experiences adjusting to life abroad. :)


    1. Just checked out your blog; I'll add it to my sidebar! It's funny how similar some of our posts are, especially the one year anniversary, food, and CRT ones. Very cool.

    2. Haha! I went back to read one of your CRT posts and noticed that we both picked up on many of the same things. I find teaching here a lot different than at home, mainly because I am doing a lot of CRT work in the secondary school setting and essentially their grades (marks) are not really important because it's all about how they do on VCE exams in Year 12. Thanks for the add to your sidebar! :)