Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Phuket Luxury

We had an early morning flight out of Phuket to head to Bali, so we needed to leave Krabi the day beforehand. This involved a longtail boat ride followed by a long ride in a minibus. To get to the longtail boat, we had to wade through the water on Railay Beach with our luggage. See if you can spot Zack with the suitcase on his head in the picture to the left. We were jealous of the backpackers!

After a long day of travel, we finally got to our place near the airport. I booked a deal on Agoda for the Imperial Adamas Beach Resort in the Nai Yang area for less than $100. It was the most amazing hotel I've ever stayed at, and because it was low season, we basically had the resort to ourselves! It was right on the beach, and they upgraded us to a luxury suite (which consisted of a bedroom, incredible bathroom, and living room). I think it was bigger than our place in South Melbourne!

We felt (and looked) a little bit ridiculous in the satin trimmed robes and slippers, but we enjoyed the luxurious surroundings and spoiled ourselves with one last Thai massage (for Zack) and a facial (for me).

Before and after our time in the spa, we hung out in the pool, sipping on fruity drinks, playing basketball, and soaking up the sun. A fun employee who spoke really good English talked to us for awhile. We had Connect Four tournaments (she always won), and she taught us the differences in Thai greetings (your hands go in different places when you bow depending on who you are addressing). We finished the evening with some delicious Thai food and one last serving of mango sticky rice (yum).
I still haven't gone back and talked about the other things we did in Chiang Mai (besides the elephant ride) or the amazing temples we saw in Bangkok. I'm going to have to round up the few phone pictures we have and find some other online ones to share since ours are lost. Then I can finally get to the Bali posts and catch up on this blog! Lots more to come...


  1. Wow! You found paradise!

  2. Great pictures except for the presence of the mustache. I would expect to see a farm or a motorcycle in the background with that mustache, not a swanky hotel. Crazy American.

    1. Yeah, I'm not sure what the mustache thing is all about. Now it's become more of a beard-type thing. We'll see where this goes...

  3. that picture of me in the robe is ridonkulous