Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Life on a Longtail

On one of our days in Koh Phi Phi, we took a full day longtail boat tour. The first stop was Monkey Island, where we got out and fed the monkeys and took pictures of them. Some of the bigger ones were quite aggressive and kind of scary! The one to the left has a baby; see it?
The next stop was for some snorkeling. It was here that our little "waterproof" camera went kaput. Here is one of the final shots I got from it. The snorkeling couldn't compare to the Great Barrier Reef, but it was still pretty awesome. 
We then went to Maya Bay. This is where the movie The Beach (with Leonardo diCaprio) was filmed. Though it was pretty crowded with tourists, including several longtail and regular boats, it was still gorgeous. The whole bay is surrounded with giant green limestone cliffs; you almost can't believe a place like this exists in real life.
The next stop was Bamboo Beach (I think). We may have done some more snorkeling first. Anyway, this beach was the most unbelievably beautiful beach I have ever seen (or probably ever will see) in my life. We shared the white sand and crystal clear warm water with just a few other people for a couple of hours, and it was heaven; I could have stayed there forever!

After some more snorkeling and the viewing of another beach with monkeys, we hung out on the boat and waited for the sun to go down. Another beautiful sunset was the perfect way to end our day on the longtail boat!
Zack is living the life at Maya Bay!

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