Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Glimpse of Milford Sound

Only a few days left in this beautiful land-we'll be coming home with tons of stories and pictures and memories!


  1. Happy New year Aubree and Zack. I followed your trip through the Northern Territories avidly, we will be doing a road trip from Broome to Darwin this October, on our own 4x4 roof tent thing. We are too old and grouchy to be having guides wheel us around lol.

    You really have packed a lot into your time in Australia, when do you go back to Denver? I have adored your blog.

    As for New Zealand, isn't it the most amazing country, the people so remind me of the home, Australians (in the cities) seem more American to me (which of course is no bad thing, just an observation) whereas New Zealanders feel more like home to us. We are definitely going to live in NZ for a while after our stint in Oz and Wanaka is our spot, isn't that lake and mountain setting incredible?

    So whilst you were away a new restaurant on the Southbank opened called Bar Sake. Incredible you guys have to check it out.

    Welcome home soon!

    1. Wanaka is beautiful-Zack and I agreed that if we were going to live in New Zealand, we would choose either Nelson or Wanaka. We're not sure when we're headed back to the States...probably within the next 3-6 months. We'll have to check out the new restaurant-thanks for the tip. Hope you had a great Christmas and start to your new year!