Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Starting out in Christchurch

Time to start the New Zealand posts! We had an overnight flight into Christchurch and got there early in the morning on December 21. We have friends from Denver who live there; Brian picked us up from the airport and Jill (and baby Louis) took us around town after we had a nice nap. One of my favorite places was the Botanic Gardens. The rose garden area was especially beautiful. Zack and I chilled out there awhile; he took another short nap and I took pictures!

Jill also dropped us off in the area where Christchurch has turned shipping containers into temporary stores after the earthquake damage that happened in the city (more about that in tomorrow's post). We did a little shopping and browsing before heading back to Brian and Jill's place for a yummy home-cooked dinner and an early bedtime!

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