Sunday, January 13, 2013

Marlborough Wine Region

After our awesome swim with the dolphins on Sunday morning, we drove North toward Picton. A couple of hours later, we arrived in the Marlborough wine region for an afternoon of wine tasting. This area is world renowned for its wine, especially the Sauvignon Blanc variety. Our first winery stop was Cloudy Bay (the cellar door is pictured here), where we enjoyed sitting in the sunshine for awhile after our tasting. 

While Zack rested at Cloudy Bay, I went across the street to Allan Scott Winery and tried a few of their wines. Though I had never heard of it, I really liked the Gewurztraminer wine, so I bought a bottle!
Next, we stopped off at Makana Chocolate Factory and sampled some of their yummy candy. We bought some white chocolate cranberry bark to enjoy as a Christmas treat.
Saint Clair is a pretty famous winery in the region, and their Sauvignon Blanc was delicious. We bought a bottle after our tasting and ended up buying another one at a grocery store later in our trip (since we had already finished one). I think it's our new favorite wine!

The last winery we stopped at, on a recommendation from someone at Saint Clair, was Wairau River. We got there right before they closed, but we were still able to taste a few of their wines. Good stuff, but the Saint Clair Sav Blanc was still tops in our minds.

I've always seen wines from the Marlborough region on the shelves here in Australia, and now I can say I've been there. I've never considered myself a big "wine person," but after our visits to Yarra Valley, the Mornington PeninsulaMargaret River, and now Marlborough, I guess I'm learning!

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